The Relationship Seminar (Limited seats available)

Tamigamiga Christian Center, Kawe Beach, Mbezi - Dar es Salaam

Sun 18, Sep 2016 at 12:00 PM

Maelezo kuhusu tukio hili

Are you searching for the ideal life partner or companion but don’t know where to begin? Are you in a relationship but experiencing problems that are driving the two of you apart? Relationship coaches with over 15 years of experience can help you identify common relationship problems and offer valuable
advice in order to build a caring, meaningful and lasting relationship.

*The Seminar is for Adults of 30 Years and Above.

*Limited Number of Seats Available. First 50 tickets are available at 30,000/= TZS per person, Regular price is 35,000/= TZS per person.

Please Call 0787-223-227 for further assistance / clarification. Or visit to get schedule of event and information on speakers.

Uuzaji wa ticket wa tukio hili umefikia kikomo