Pamoja Carnival

Leaders Club - Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam

Sat 24, Sep 2016 at 09:00 AM

Maelezo kuhusu tukio hili

Pamoja-means together. Pamoja Lifestyle is a state of being united or joined together, enjoying special benefits that come from bringing people together and getting the community to support one another. It is our belief that, Pamoja we can/Pamoja Tunaweza!

Dar-es-salaam is home to millions of residents, a larger number who are aged between 17-40 yrs. People in Dar are always looking for different ways to spend their otherwise routine weekends. They want to have an experience of fun and entertainment amongst friends and colleagues, that is meaningful. What a better way to spend a weekend than at The Pamoja Carnival, an event where not only is there going to be fun and entertainment for all ages, but also it will promote Road Safety to help minimize the devastating road accidents that have taken thousands of lives in 2016 alone!

Our Target groups are:

1. Families
2. Youth- 17-35 yr s
3. Brands, Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises all of which will exhibit their products or showcase their services/talents on the day of the event.

Uuzaji wa ticket wa tukio hili umefikia kikomo